WE Nourish was a success!!! The story of a life-changing experience giving back to our community.


What an incredible, challenging & inspiring journey we have all been on throughout the creation, culmination & celebration of our WE Nourish: Serving Enumclaw & Black Diamond Cooking Class AP with WE service project.  All of our hard work culminated with our first class on Tuesday, April 11th in the home economics room at Enumclaw Middle School.  Our WE Nourish: Serving Enumclaw & Black Diamond Cooking Class to help those who are food insecure & hungry in our community was a HUGE success!  I am so proud of these freshmen students and what they created & accomplished.  It started with a dream & an idea that didn’t seem possible, but they persevered and created something significant and memorable. We are so excited to be able to have helped our community.  Thank you to all of you who have supported & continue to support us. We are not done!  This is just the beginning and we are excited to announce that we will be looking to offer another cooking class in June 2017 & hope to make it even better!

We are Enumclaw!  
Thank you for the support from the following people:
Mike Nelson – Enumclaw School District Superintendant  (@enumclawsupt)
Britt Nelson – Plateau Outreach Ministries
Susan Arbury – Enumclaw School District
Rossi Ensign – Enumclaw School District
Raeann Webb – Culinary Teacher @ EHS
Karl Karkainen – Leadership Teacher @ EMS
Shayn Williams – Leadership Student (7th grade) @ EMS
Tammy Rismiller – Youth Leader @ Trinity Lutheran Church
Thrivent Financial – $250 grant
Enumclaw Rotary – $250 grant
A sincere & heartfelt “Thank You” to Chef Ky Loop from Kelly’s Mercantile in Enumclaw, Washington for his compassion, guidance, leadership & service.  Without you, we would not have been able to make this happen.  THANK YOU!
APHG EHS Freshmen Students who designed, organized & ran the WE Nourish Cooking Class:
Cooking Class Organizers & Department – Emma Murphy, Lauren Laukala, Matthew Helmer, Michaela Schulz, Lauren Thomas
Food & Financial Donations Department – Maya RismillerMasyn Whealdon, Danyel Korpe, Madison Rubin, Lauren Bone
Nutrition Education & Menu Department – Will Basting, Bethany Blair, Jackson ZuydhoekCallia Englund, Zander Miller
Social Media & Promotions Department Ethan Blanco, Alina Adams, Shelby Callahan, Sidney Thomas, Ava Jenkins
If you know or see these students, please congratulate them & ask them about their experience.
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