AP w/WE Journey is Taking Shape – WENourish: Serving Enumclaw & Black Diamond


Digitized Logo created by Danyel Korpe (EHS Student) & Rossi Ensign (Communication & Alumni Specialist, Enumclaw School District)

The Journey Continues…

Inspiring. Encouraging. Exciting. Apprehension. Growth Mindset. Developing.
As we continue on our AP with WE Service project journey (WENourish: Serving Enumclaw & Black Diamond), these are all feelings & emotions that have consumed most days for me.  While this is a process that I believe in and want to continue for years to come, the initial planning & taking the risk to put my students in charge of planning has come with some apprehension.  Will we get the supplies (food & cookware donations) needed in time?  Will we be able to secure a chef to help teach the cooking class?  Will we be able to get the word out to the community?  Will the students be able to meet all the requirements?  Bottom line, will we be able to pull this off?  While these questions are constantly on my mind, I believe the answer to ALL of these questions is YES!!!  These young men & women are putting forth an inspiring effort. They have a wonderful heart & passion to give back to their community.  They are developing and understanding of how to be a part of an organization & how to approach this endeavor with a Growth Mindset, meaning they do not have to know what the result will be before they start to take action.  The process will be messy & will be a challenge, but it will be exciting!

The logistics of this process are beginning to come together.  We have aquired a $250 grant from Thrivent Financial.  Our Food Donations team of students applied for the grant & we will be using these funds to help run our first WENourish cooking class on April 11th @ 5:00 pm at Enumclaw Middle School.  We have been approved to run our start-up AP with WE Service Club to provide a sustainable program to help provide EHS students the opportunity to serve their community.  Our Cooking Class department is in discussions with a local restaurant called The Mint to have one of their chefs provide the teaching & instruction for the class.  They have also been coordinating with our Culinary Class instructor & students on how they can support this event.  Our Nutrition Department has been in development of creating menu items that are affordable, simple to make & nutritious.  With the help & consultation of our community leaders such as Mike Nelson, Superintendent of Enumclaw School District; Susan Arbury, Early Learning Coordinator for Enumclaw School District; Britt Nelson, Executive Director of Plateau Outreach Ministries (POM) & Tammy Rismiller, Youth Group Leader at Trinity Lutheran Church our hope is to not just provide food, but to provide skills & knowledge that will be sustainable.  The Cooking Supplies group is continuing their efforts to acquire pots, pans & utensils that can be used & given away to those in need at the cooking class.  Finally, our Promotions Department is continuing to promote our efforts through social media with the help & consultation of Jeff Utecht from EduroLearning (see pic below).  


Jeff Utecht from EduroLearning consulting with the Promotion Department for WENourish

The skills being learned & developed through this project are encouraging and numerous. They often are not clearly visible on the surface, but when I witness my freshmen students taking initiative to work with our district website designer to digitize her logo, volunteering to be the translator to convert our recipes to Spanish, to call to arrange a meeting with a local chef or to apply for a grant to help fund our idea or to learn to promote our efforts within our community it gives me hope & inspiration!  I could not be more proud of their efforts & I look forward to our push to make this class a reality with great anticipation.  Until next time…

If you are able to contribute to our efforts to help eliminate Food Insecurity & Hunger in our community by financial donation, food donation or cooking supply donation, please contact me. Thank you.

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