Beginning the AP with WE Journey


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Here we go! My first ever blog……..

Impact. Influence. Cooperation. Collaboration. Growing.  Making a difference.  All of these concepts were on my mind and in my heart when I decided to apply to run a pilot course of AP with WE for AP Human Geography for the 2016-17 school year.  Leadership & Service have been staple concepts within my classroom for the past 10 years at Enumclaw High School (I’ve been teaching for 19 years) as essential learning targets and this opportunity seemed to fit perfectly.  What better way to teach our global & important APHG curriculum than through a real-world service-oriented program.  I really didn’t know what to expect and, in some ways, still don’t know what to expect.  What I do know is that this group of outstanding freshmen students have grown as individuals and have inspired me, their teacher, with their willingness to take risks & their desire to improve the world around them.  We have set out to make a difference in our community in a sustainable fashion. Our “WeNourish: Serving Enumclaw & Black Diamond” project is attempting to address the issue of Food Insecurity & Hunger within our community by not just providing food access, but by teaching sustainable cooking skills and nutrition knowledge for adults and children.  Our classroom has been transformed into an organization with 5 departments (Cooking Class, Nutrition Education, Food Donations, Cooking Supplies Donations & Social Media/Promotion) and the students are beginning to collaborate & cooperate as they grow/learn and make a difference among themselves and in the community with the help of Plateau Outreach Ministries (POM).  We have secured a location for our inaugural cooking class coming up on April 11th at 5:00 pm, we have begun to organize the menus to be offered, begun the process of getting food & cooking supply donations and our social media group has started a blog (AP with WE), a Facebook page (AP WE – Ehs Ap with We), a Twitter handle (AP with WE – @apwithwepsm1617) and an Instagram (WENourish) to help promote awareness and information.  It still feels like an overwhelming amount of work to pull off a successful event, but the memories being created and the lessons being learned have already been numerous.  The goal at this point is to host a quality event that will help influence and impact our community in a positive way and will allow us all to celebrate at WeDay Seattle in April! Now it starts to take shape!  Here we go!


3 thoughts on “Beginning the AP with WE Journey

  1. Welcome to the blogging world! Can’t wait to follow your journey as you reflect on this course and your teaching. Creating real-world learning experiences for students always create lasting learning and transferable skills that go beyond the classroom. That’s what education should be about!

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  2. …so thankful to you for positively impacting the lives of your students! I have enjoyed seeing them in action. They are making a difference in our community and learning A LOT in the process! I’m proud of you, Steve!

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